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Nothing has affected my life so much as the street that I lived on. Almost all my childhood memories were on this street; countless games of tag, races with my siblings, and imaginary games that entertained us for hours took place on the asphalt of Dale St. The street I grew up on was what made me who I am. What we played, where we played it, and everything that is important in between has now become a part of me, and ultimately shaped me into who I want to be. As expected in a house with seven children, inside never seemed to be big enough to do what we wanted without being in someone else’s way. Thus, my siblings and I found solace outside where we learned that competition was the essence of being siblings. Being close in age as we were, we found that we had each other equally matched. My siblings were and continue to be my greatest rivals because they know my weaknesses and strengths, and I theirs. Nevertheless, while this sibling rivalry meant the world to us, it also taught me the benefit of competition in general. I learned that not only is competition the basis of how close we are, it is also the basis of the drive I feel to work as hard as I can in order to be able to earn my place, either academically or athletically. If I did not have these competitions growing up, I would not aspire to be better, nor acknowledge that although I am not the best in every subject, I can always work harder to get there. Although we always enjoyed going outside to play on the

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