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Being in theatre for my whole life has taught me a lot about myself and the world around me. You learn that there are so many different people and cultures in the world and how vastly different the are. As an actor we are continually putting ourselves in other people's shoes. This stressed empathy and a certain cultural understanding about context and timeliness. This leads me to think that I have a fair understanding of diversity. Diversity is acknowledging that there are an incredible amount of people that come from a plethora of backgrounds and have formed different cultural identities than the rest of the population. This sentence is incredibly vague, but diversity is also a vague word. Diversity in a sense means different, so it all depends on perspective. I look at Chapman as a diverse campus, which many would agree, but it is diverse from me for totally different reasons than it is for the person sitting next to me, or my roommate. This is incredibly important when you think in context of learning and in the American lifestyle. To learn effectively, academically and socially, you need to be exposed to a diverse population with diverse ideas to have a fully rounded education. The United States and the American culture was founded on the backs of diversity, which is a fact too often forgot. It is instrumental to the development of our country and culture that we recognize, respect, and nurture diversity especially in times of peril. I come from a incredibly small

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