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A brief overview and background: I went on a mission trip with my church Youth group to a deaf village in Jamaica. While we were there, we built dorm rooms and classrooms for the children living there. The impact that trip had on my life was amazing. It made me realize just how good we have it in the United States of America.When I am hungry or upset and I didn't get the newest trend clothing, I always think back to the children down in Jamaica. They literally have nothing. At the deaf village, all the children are foster kids. Their parents gave them away because they did not want to deal with their disabilities. I have never taken my parents for granted again, because of what we have and the relationships we have in the U.S.are very precious, We are a very blessed nation.

In summer of 2014, I went with my church Youth group to a deaf village in Jamaica. As we arrived at the airport, I believe no one expected how big of an impact this trip would have on our lives. Arriving in Jamaica and hearing all the noise of cars beeping and people chattering, All you can think about is “ holy smokes, I am in Jamaica right now.” Actually being in the deaf village and communicating and working was an awesome experience which I will never forget.

The day we left for our mission trip which was, everyone was excited but also nervous. No one has ever been to Jamaica and we were not going there on vacation either. When we arrived we got off the plane outside and then walked into the

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