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During my first few years in the United States, my family was constantly moving between New York and Florida because my dad was searching for long-term employment. My family resided in a basement during our two year stay in Staten Island, New York. Living in a basement was very tough because there was no natural light and the space was very cramped for a family of five. Living in a basement was also tough during the winter because basements are often poorly insulated, which kept the basement quite cold during the winter. My family later moved to Florida for a couple of years after living in New York and we have resided in Orlando, Florida for about twenty years now. I started school in Florida at the age of five and when I first attended elementary school, I was in ESOL classes. ESOL classes help teach the English language to students that are not born in the United States (like myself) or to students which English is not their native language. I took these classes from kindergarten up to the fourth grade when I passed an ESOL exit exam. I first learned of this news during a parent-teacher conference when my teacher informed my parents and I that I had passed out of my ESOL classes and this was one of my proudest moments because of how happy it made my parents. As I got older, these experiences taught me the importance of helping those who are in need to put a smile on someone’s face and to provide the hope that things will get better for those going through rough patches in
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