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Introduction Abraham Maslow was a physiologist that believed that “people cannot appreciate or strive for ‘the finer things’ until they have ‘the basics’ taken care of” (Rasskazova, E., Ivanova, T., & Sheldon, K., 2016, p. 541). People must have food, water, and shelter before they can have friendship, self-esteem, and morality. Not only do people need to address the basics first, but organizations also need to address the basics first before they can successfully go any further. In terms of relating Moslow’s idea to my personal career life at BNY Mellon, my manager helps and encourages the individuals on my team to achieve self-actualization every day. However, I would rather talk about one of my previous employment opportunities …show more content…

People had absolutely no motivation to work hard, learn new skills, or even come to work. As a result of all of this, a lot of the employees started looking for new careers. After many people quit, they had to hire other individuals to fill their positions. They were hiring anyone and everyone. Sometimes they would not even go through the interview process, and instead hire people on the spot without looking at their resume. The atmosphere was very negative. They did not care about spending time looking for the right employees to fit the job. They had absolutely no interest in investing any time or money into their employees. We were treated as “parts” of the company, not like human beings. All in all, I was out of there after I graduated college. How I would Personally Change the Management If I were to take over the management department at that company, I would have to make a lot of changes and I would follow Moslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a tool and guide. First and foremost, I would sit down with my employees and make sure they are up-to-date on trainings. I would be sure to let them know that I appreciate their hard work and I believe in a reward system. I would discuss the idea that they all have very different skills and a vast amount of knowledge that I want to utilize, not throw away. I would tell them that I will be treating them like family members, not like machinery. I

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