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I always knew there was a God. That is something I never questioned. When I was little I was taught about the LDS church by my grandparents. My dad always taught me that the LDS church was not true. He would tell me things like “all mormons are going to hell” and he would tell me it was a church based on lies. At such a young age this was very confusing for me, but I have always been a daddy’s girl so of course at one point I started to wonder if my dad was right. I wasn't able to be baptized at 8 because my dad would not allow it. When I was in 4th grade my mom, my sister, and I moved out of my grandparents house and became inactive to the point where I had forgotten a lot of what I had learned from my grandparents and at church. We continued to be in active and would attend church maybe two or three times a year. The missionaries would come to our door occasionally, but my mom would always tell them that me and my sister are unable to be baptized because my dad won’t allow it and send them away. When I was visiting my dad the summer before my 7th grade year I went to church with him all summer at an evangelical christian church. A week before I was suppose to go back to my moms house my dad told my sister and I that we were going to live with him until we graduated. For the next 6 months I continued going to church with my dad. I went through one of the hardest trials I have ever gone through. This caused me to hit a point where I felt extremely alone and even abandoned.

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