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Humans have done great things throughout history. As a species, we have accomplished everything from the development of civilization to reaching the moon. These cultures allowed mankind to make beautiful things such as art, architecture, and literature. However, the thing about humans is that they are, well, human. All humans will inevitably make mistakes. They are simply a part of being alive. What is more important than messing up is how people deal with their mistakes. Some deflect the blame and make excuses for themselves. While this is the common response, it is not ideal or virtuous. Instead, people ought to own up to their mistakes. This is what allows us to grow in character as humans. Thus, I learned many life lessons from when my mother, my grandmother, and I apologized.

When I was young, my mother made a mistake and her expression of regret taught be about human nature. It was winter at the time, and my mom forced me to wear a scarf. I did not want to put it on, being a bratty toddler, and so I resisted. Angrily, I shoved my mother's hand away from my face. My mother is known for her hot temper. Her reaction was nigh instantaneous; she backhanded me across the face. It was a light slap, but it still stung both my cheek and my feelings. I dramatically fell to the ground and began crying. Sobbing and afraid, I tried to get as far away from my mother as possible; I acted as if she was a terrifying intruder and not the woman that had raised me. My mom was horrified

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