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I have never been very passionate about writing and as a result, I have never really thought about the true meaning of writing. In high school, I just accepted the fact that I was not good at writing in comparison to my peers. I just assumed that good writing meant that there were no grammar or spelling errors, which is a common misconception most high school students have. Before reading Writing About Writing by Elizabeth Wardle and Doug Downs, my views on writing were very limited. One of the first ideas that jumped out at me as I was reading was the statement, “Writing is not just something that you do, but it is something that people study”(Wardle and Downs 7). The idea that writing is something we can actually learn more about, had never crossed my mind. As our views and perspectives on writing grow and expand, we can better understand the purpose of writing and know what good writing means.
With limited understanding of writing, I started this class with an open mind. I used this fresh start as an opportunity to try and expand my knowledge of writing and gain a deeper appreciation for writing. I have always believed that some people are just super talented at writing and Heavenly Father did not bless me with that talent. I have come to find out that maybe it is just my perspective on writing that is holding me back. Wardle and Downs suggest that, “what you believe about writing directly impacts what you do or are willing to do”(5). As I came across this quote,

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