Where Is Your Writing?

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Where is Your Writing?
A learner’s ability to communicate effectively through writing to his/her target audiences is a major prerequisite for academic success. It is also a major pillar of success in one’s career across all areas of practice. Even though, writing clearly is critical to one’s academic and career success, I have not always loved writing. In fact, for a long time I despised writing. At one point, I had a feeling that my writings skills were bound to remain stagnated throughout my life. However, time has proven that I was wrong. My attitude and outlook towards virtually all genres of writing has changed positively. The various helpful methods I have been exposed to by my English teachers through different grades have helped me …show more content…

I learned the use of Standard English rules and styles in constructing sentences. I also learned how to organize my thoughts, ideas and experiences. Furthermore, I learned how to construct and maintain a coherent transition of paragraphs, as well as, how to select words, idioms, sayings and phrases that best suited the topic or purpose. With time, I even started to use diagrams to help organize my thoughts, ideas regarding the intended topic even before I write it. Learning how to remain relevant to a topic has enabled me to improve my grades.
I must confess that the journey to the realization of the above mentioned achievements was tough. At first, it was not easy to write sensible assignments. I began by learning how to organize my thoughts and ideas from the sit-in essay writing. During my earlier sit-in sessions, I used to sweat because I was supposed to rush against time and at the same time remain relevant to the topic at hand. However, I took time in learning how to apply this skill in writing term papers. Initially, sit-in essay writing made me unable to apply numerous writing skills because of limited time provided to submit the assignment. I only applied few writing skills in my essays.
With time, I made a firm decision to fully make use of this crucial concept by getting my time management right. I had to inculcate a culture of doing first

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