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Do we really look into ourselves? As I read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch over fall break his life story really made think: How will I accomplish my dreams like Mr. Pausch? Randy’s idea of a “brick wall” really hit me because I admire that someone believes that hardships could lead to great things if they work towards it. I want to look into myself and see what life lessons that I go by the seventeen years I have been on this planet, and how they reflect what people will remember about me. My first lesson I have went buy during my seventeen years on Earth my mother have imbedded in me since I could remeber. She would always say, “You go to school to get an education, and then go to college to take care of yourself.” At that time, I was around four or five years old and from then to now she will always ask me, “What do you go to school for?” and I would reply, “To get an education, so I can go to college, and take care of myself.” I think this lesson is important because it has motivated me to care about my school work, and that doing good in school will lead to extraordinary things. This lesson was enabled because both of my parents got into other things besides their schoolwork when they got to college. I use this every day because Mom and I wake up and we drive to school each morning for me to get an education. I give my all into my academics and set high standards for myself as the school weeks go on. My mom and I will spend hours studying for all my academic courses,

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