Reflection Paper On Balance

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Serena glanced up at the ceiling as her feet dangled below the freezing, cold water below her. She spun in circles, jumping up from the water while the bright, beautiful blue dolphins circled around her. Serena jumps up one last time, falling on her back as she hits the water. “I can not believe I am here,” she thinks to herself. “It’s a wonderland, a paradise in fact. I love it here.” Serena still facing the ceiling begins to slowly stray away from her previous spot in the water as the dolphins follow along side her. Her head turns towards the football field on her right and then turns to the soccer field on her left. She admires the fields and begins to hear band music over powering the loud noises coming from the active games going on. Serena’s eyes start to close as she drifts into the deep end of the pool. She continues to take in the band music as it the pace starts to slow. The dolphins form around her to keep in away from the sidelines. Serena now in a trance falls into her dream. “She is back in the city following the signs that lead her to the swimming pool. The signs all pointed to it; everywhere in town there was a sign aiming towards the new sensory swimming pool that had been placed in the middle of town. For days people have been waiting in long lines in order to experience this new way of swimming including, Serena. She stood in line for hours along with many others in hopes to experience this adventure. After hours of waiting it was finally her turn to go

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