Reflection Paper On Dental Materials

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Tiffanie McKee Dental Materials Reflection Paper I job shadowed Dr. Spencer, a local dentist in my hometown on July 15th. I was able to observe the placement of a permanent crown and a temporary crown prep. I was very intrigued about the entire process it takes in order to create a temporary crown and the steps necessary to place a permanent crown. I enjoyed being able to see the amount of time and effort spent on both procedures. I also found it fascinating to be able to observe what specific choices have to be made in order to select a certain crown for a specific patient. The materials used for the temporary crown prep consisted of Centrix, Jet Tooth Shade Powder and Jet Liquid, Temp-Bond, and Impregum. Centrix impression material was used in this appointment as well as many other appointments for crowns in Dr. Spencer 's office due to the positive results seen from this product and the excellent quality of the material. Centrix also is an excellent material because it has a low shrinkage and has a high compressive strength. Jet Tooth Shade Powder and Jet Liquid were mixed together and placed in the impression to create an acrylic temporary crown. These two materials were selected by the dentist due to quick set time, durability, easy to polish, and easy to control shade effectively. Temp-Bond was used as the temporary crown cement due to its ability to be easily removed from the tooth surface and due to its high bond strength. Impregum was used
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