Reflection Paper On Music Concert

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I attended a live classical music concert on October 11th, 2017. The concert was held in the Art Gallery at Marlboro Hall and was a piano trio. A piano trio is an ensemble that typically includes a piano and two other string instruments. The piano trio in this concert consisted of pianist Hyeeun Hahm, violinist Benedict Sin, and cellist Pecos Singer. They performed four selections, “Trio Op.1, No.1” by Ludwig van Beethoven, “La Calesita” by Mariano Mores, “Milonga” by Alberto Ginastera, and “La vi Llegar” by Enrique Francini. Beethoven’s composition, “Trio Op.1, No.1,” will be the composition discussed for the rest of this paper.
All of the instruments that were present played in “Trio Op. 1, No.1.” This specific selection was chamber music. Chamber music is music that is meant to be played in a small room by small orchestra or ensemble. This type of music is usually separated into a fast movement, a slow movement, a dance-inspired movement, and a final fast movement. “Trio Op.1, No.1” has a fast movement, titled Allegro, a slow movement titled Adagio Cantabile, a dance-inspired movement titled Scherzo, and a fast movement titled Finale. This piece was also in sonata form as it had an exposition, a development, and a recapitulation. None of the compositions in this concert featured a composer. Instead, all of the performers worked together to make sure each of their parts were heard equally.
“Trio Op.1, No.1” was published by Beethoven in 1795. It was dedicated to and

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