Reflection Paper On Softball

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Softball When I was five I picked up my first softball glove. I didn't start playing on a team until I was seven. When I was five and six I played catch with my dad outside. When I started playing on a team I was better than most of the girls. I could catch the ball and throw it farther than the other players. The first two years I played I played all the positions because the coaches moved everyone around but I started to like catching. I started to play catcher every chance I got. During my third year playing I was able to start focussing on one position. I started focussing more on playing catcher and every year since I have played catcher. Through the years I have gotten pretty good at batting too. I don't hit home runs but I hit the ball and get runs batted in. My dad and I practice all the time. Last year I was playing and we were tied with the other team. We had to go into extra innings and we were the home team so we batted last. The other team scored a few runs. Now we had to score some runs or we would lose. There were two outs and bases were loaded I was going up to bat. I had two balls and two strikes on me and the next pitch I swung as hard as I could and I smacked the ball way out into left field. I hit a grand slam and my team won the game. That was my first home run. Over the summer when I played I looked at it as practice because I had high school tryouts coming up and really wanted to make the team. The high school had open gyms over summer and I tried to
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