Reflection Paper On The Depression Disorder

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John, today is your fifth session. You came for therapy because you were feeling down and depressed for about six months. You mentioned that, your son’s illness is the reason that you feel down. We did assessment for depression and found out you have MDD or Major Depression Disorder. We talked about different ways that exist to help you to go through your issue. We have planed to start to work on your goals,but, because you canceled your session twice, we are behind our schedule.
Yes, I canceled it, because I felt counseling cannot help me that much.
Okay, Describe the reason that makes you feel that way.
I still feel down, I can’t sleep well and my energy level is still low.
John, As I mentioned before, depression is not like common cold that resolve fast. It takes time and you need to be patient.
You are right. I have to work on myself.
Okay, How do you feel today John?
I feel better today. I hope I get better soon, just don 't know when it will happen.
John, There have been times, when I’ve also felt down myself, so I can sense how discouraged you are. Although I’ve learned how to change my mood when I feel down. ( Self-Discloser)
I want to learn to change my discourage feeling to something like feeling happy and hopeful. That is one of your goal and reason that you are coming to the therapy.
Yes, You are right. I guess therapy is the only way that could help me to fight with my depression.
You are saying that you see therapy as the only way that can help you, in the…

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