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When I was young, the last words I would hear at night were “In Jesus’ name, Amen,” as my mother prayed over my twin sister and I, while tucking us in bed. Her words surrounded and comforted me like a warm blanket, even on the darkest of nights. Anytime I would have a nightmare, I would run to her room and she would appease me with prayer and somehow compel me to feel dauntless. I admired my parents tremendously and always sought for their approval, so I never questioned any of the beliefs or opinions they were teaching me as I grew up. However, growing up into the person I am today I have learned that Christianity, or religion itself, is not always black and white, and occasionally you face obstacles that challenge the beliefs and opinions you were raised to withhold. From the start of my life, I was raised in a Christian household. Everything from the Jesus statue in the living room, to the Noah and the Ark blanket my mother wrapped me in, I was deeply immersed in the religion. Growing up, it was a routine to go to church every Sunday morning and night, pray before every meal, and every night before I went to sleep. Around the age of seven, I gained the opportunity to go on my first CentriKid Christian camp experience. The camp was made for 3rd to 6th graders and it lasted a week every summer. The camp created a space for children to study the Bible and worship Jesus Christ and involved activities and recreation time for us to enjoy spending with other Christians our

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