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Have you ever found yourself inclined to do someone else’s job even though you lacked the appropriate qualifications to administer in the situation, or have the odds ever forced you to assume a position where you were underqualified, but you followed the leading of your innate nature? Ever since my sports-infiltrated, adolescent years, I have always been engrossed with helping those who incurred limb-related injuries. As a kid, I often found myself being sternly dismissed from scenes of sports-related injuries for posing as a professional. I would attempt to counsel others on injury-prevention methods; I would quickly run to a person who experienced a turned ankle; and I would help a person suffering from a leg cramp that caused painful contractions in the hamstrings by bringing the leg into extension. However, it was a combination of my improper tackling form and weak quadricep muscles during my high school, sophomore football career, did I find myself in an indisposed position, being informed about my rehabilitative process that I would have to undertake for my torn anterior cruciate ligament.
Sometimes an anterior cruciate ligament wreaks havoc on an ambitious athlete’s career. Notwithstanding my torn anterior cruciate ligament, I was able to find reason beyond the incident. As I reflect on my ACL injury, I credit my anterior cruciate ligament tear as the foundation of my decision of pursuing a career as a physical therapist. I believe my injury was a part of the
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