Tyler's Motivation

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Tyler Mentzer is 18 years old and grew up in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. He is freshman at Elizabethtown college and is a pre-physical therapy major who also a part of the wrestling team.
His part-time job over the summer included being a cashier at a grocery store.

Tyler’s primary motivation pattern is teaching, training and guiding. During Tyler’s junior year of high school he tore is meniscus during wrestling season. He had to undergo surgery and extensive physical therapy. He eventually re-tore his meniscus a year later and had to return to physical therapy. He genuinely enjoyed the atmosphere of physical therapy and also was infatuated by the job of a physical therapist.

For Tyler’s secondary motivation I sensed him to be a helper, server and caretaker. During his time in high school he attended THON to help children with cancer. He also went on a missionary trip during his freshman year to West Virginia to help people in low income communities.
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A common theme that reoccurred during Tyler’s interview was that he enjoyed group activities and team sports. His intended major of pre-physical therapy will allow him to acquire a career where he will have to work with a team of people to solve problems. He also has a passion for team
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