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Before this summer we were still in high school, thinking about where we were going to be for the next four years of our lives. About what we were going to study and what we want to do for the rest of our lives. Now I am just thinking back to everything I learned over the years, it was all just teachers pushing a lot of information into our heads trying to make us memorize everything we needed to know. There were only a select few that really tried to teach us and not just ram information into us. I remember my sophomore year in high school my English teacher was also the coach for most of the school’s sports. Even though he had so much to think about he still took the time to try and make us learn in an unique way. Instead of having us write essays about things we did not want to read he would make us debate. Everyone would get excited because why not put something teens like doing with something they do not like doing. Arguing, something they liked doing, and English, something that most did not like to do. We sat through a lot of pointless class periods that we thought we were not going to learn anything from. But now I realize that what they were saying was important. They each had their own way to teach but all were teaching the same thing to some extent. Now we have to face the adjustments between high school writing and college writing and also everything else it brings to our plates.
While in high school we just went through the motions of sitting in four to five

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