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As the end of the semester is approaching I have come to realize that this class has played a big impact on how I view the world today. Throughout the semester I have gained knowledge on different topics and I plan on using them to make better decisions in the future. I feel that discussing all the different topics in class has made learn how to communicate and understand others better. One of the many topics discussed was that men should be able to express feminine characteristics without being judged or labeled. Another topic was how sex has been viewed throughout families as negative therefore, many children are having babies at a young age or are developing STDs and how the lack of Prenatal care can affect an infant’s health.
To start off with, when we studied about Pregnancy and childbirth I became very aware of all the different options women have both while pregnant and giving birth. For example, I constantly heard many women in my family talk about Prenatal care and I had no idea what it was until I took this class. Now I know that is very important for woman to have prenatal care because it allows woman to have a healthy pregnancy. As seen in one of the videos in class many women are not acquiring the proper care therefore, babies are being born with health problems. The African American baby in the film was born with a defect on her face because her mother was homeless and did not have any prenatal care. The mother did not receive prenatal care until she was far

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