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On December 12th, 2014, we were in church listening to the pastor preach about helping others. After church, we talked to the pastor about taking up for the homeless people in Anderson County. Instead of having a church that night the whole church came with us to give them the stuff. I like that I help the homeless people. One of the people that we help was crying like a baby because she was so happy to see us.The little thing we did make them happy. They look like they were going to cry. The homeless were delighted to see the stuff we gave them. I could hear the sound of happiness in the room because they were laughing. The room was as happy as a child with its mother.

Today, I recognize that it’s not all about me and helping others is a good thing to do. In the end, I was happy that I helped them out. I always thought that was selfless and in the end, I thought that I did a good thing to help the homeless people of Anderson County I was scared, but not knowing how much we help those homeless people made the risk worth it. One this day I stop acting selflessly and started to help others. So I am not thinking about myself anymore. And you need to do your part like everyone else.

I believe that we should help others even if we don’t know them. I believe that in order to improve the world, we must put others before ourselves. I believe that I am not more important than anybody else, and my actions should show this to those around me. There is nothing that

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