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Tick, tick, tick. You look up to see you only have a few precious seconds to sprint down the field past the two remaining defenders and hit a shot with precision and enough speed and force to get past their goalie. As you sneakily avoid the first defender the other comes from the side and shoves you causing you to fumble your stick and lose possession of the ball just as the time runs out. While some may shy away from any activity involving an opposing player shoving, slamming into you or pushing you out of the way I yearn for field hockey season. I pride myself as an athlete on being the type of player that can take a hit get right back up and make you pay on the next play. I have always believed that no matter what sport or even what gender an athlete's true character in displayed when in the face of adversity. It did not take long for adversity to find me. Summer had ended and I was back at school for my senior year. My first two classes had gone just fine, it was the usual get to know your teacher and get to know the class stuff, but here in third period English things had just changed. Our teacher told us to write about what we had done this summer, pass it to the person to the right of us to read and then discuss with one another what we had read. I sat next to a friend as usual and she passed me her paper on all the exotic trips she had gone on. I always made sure to sit next to someone I knew, but what I forgot to take into consideration was who was sitting to my

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