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In our lives, many events impact us, but, everyone has one situation that is most important to them. One of the most influential events in my life would be when I joined the East Ascensions Advanced Chorus. I enjoyed practicing and performing in class, concerts, musicals and other events, but I enjoyed being with my choir members more. Joining the choir had such an impact on me because I eventually stepped out my comfort zone for the first time, I no longer felt like I did not fit in and gained the self-confidence I always wanted. I never imagined myself joining my school's choir or any school organization. In high school, I was not a highly social person, so trying out for the choir was a huge step out of my comfort zone. It was the second to last week of sophomore year on a Tuesday afternoon in American history. In the row farthest from the door, I sat in the desk behind my best friend Korina, waiting for the dismissal bell. While so, the afternoon announcements were on, they included information athletics, clubs, and deadlines. For some reason, the choir tryouts sparked my interest. Although choir sounded like it would be something I’d enjoy and would like to do, I never saw myself trying out. I thought about choir tryouts for a couple of days and came to the decision that I’d try out; it was time for a change in my life. I asked my best friend Korina if she would accompany me at choir tryouts considering I was a tad bit nervous. Having a well-tuned voice never crossed

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