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Looking back on my education career in my life so far I have been one that is highly motivated to do well in class. Even though I am highly motivated to succeed in all my classes, I am not always highly motivated to be taking the class or completing 100 percent of the work assigned. This motivation may be connected to Carsten (2017) ideas of competence, relatedness, and autonomy and how they can play a role in a subjects learning. Looking back to high school I was very motivated in my advanced placement literature class. I completed every assignment for this class and put in all my effort into almost all of them. This was not the story in my honors chemistry class though, I still would do my work for this class but did not put as much effort into it. One of the main difference between these two classes was Carsten’s (2017) term of competence. Competence is the way you feel about the class and how well you will do in it. I walked into advanced placement literature with high confidence in my own success this made me want to put in all my effort because I knew that I would do well. With honors chemistry, I was not confident in my skills at all, so I felt that there was no reason to put in effort if I would never be able to learn the content. In these classes, my motivation was so different due to Carsten’s (2017) term autonomy, or how much freedom you feel you personally have over your own learning experience. This could be from you deciding what content you are learning or

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