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Whenever I hear the word Transition I immediately get this feeling of butterflies in my stomach. Most of the time transitioning means that something is about to change and change can sometimes be a scary thing. College is something I always knew I wanted to do when the time came, but it was also something I always pushed away in my mind because it was not in my comfort zone. Since neither of my parents went to college I never really heard about the experiences of college but if I would have based my opinion on college from my parents I probably would not be here at ECU. Coming to college has been a change but it is something that I knew I needed to do to achieve my dreams and goals for my future. My parents are my biggest supporters and they have always told me to go college and get an education. I feel that life is one enormous risk and sometimes those risks will change your life forever. Somewhere around the fifth of December is when I completed my admissions application for ECU. Even when I was in middle school I always knew that I wanted to attend East Carolina University and be a pirate. The morning of December 17th as I walked back from my mailbox with tears streaming down my face I recieved the letter that offered me admissions to my dream college. This was the day that marked the huge transition that I was about to make. I was not the person that thought “I am so ready to go to college and get away from my parents” because I have always been considered as a

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