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How can you go from good to bad? When I was young, I was a very good child. Then I grew up a little and lost my mind. I started acting a fool by showing off in school. But as of now I have my positive vibes and living right. It all changed by realizing that that is not the type of lifestyle I want to live and it wasn’t the way I was raised. If you want to get somewhere in life: you can’t live with a bad reputation. In elementary school, I was a good child. I used to be friendly, kind, and respectful. Life was great. I was an outstanding student and a teacher’s pet. All my teachers that I had loved me. For example. My elementary school administrator would always let me eat lunch in his room with other students. We would play games in there and win prizes. Also, if there was a project to be done my teachers would choose me first to be the group leader. I was on the double Dutch team and step team as captain of the team. I enjoyed doing those things. My grades were excellent. In reading I struggled a little because reading wasn’t my type of thing, but I did what I had to do to maintain my grades. In middle school, in the beginning I was still that good girl. But it all changed in the middle of sixth grade. Things started to change. Kids just started to get out of hand, all that he says she say stuff started going on and a bunch of drama. That’s when I started acting up and lost my mind I got involved. I thought it was cool. Every year in school, I started to fight.

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