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Throughout the course of the semester we have covered three different philosophers and how those three philosophers think differently. Our first philosopher was Friedrich Nietzsche. The second philosopher was Maurice Merleau-Ponty. The third and final philosopher was Martin Heidegger. This paper is going to consists of Martin Heidegger’s work and how he thinks his way through the journey of his life.
“To think is to confine yourself to a single thought that one day stands still like a star in the world’s sky.” Before Martin Heidegger starts his letter, he inserts this quote. Heidegger is well known for this quote because it speaks to everyone reading it. He is telling his readers that thinking is just another form of being lazy, you have …show more content…

“Language is the house of Being.” This saying means that we view the language more as a tool, something always there for us to use. We tend to take advantage of the situation and think that we do not have to think through our problem. We live in our language and we live our lives determined by the langue. We think so far as we bring being to language. Heidegger strongly believes that we put action above thinking because we tend to act on our emotions and not our thoughts. He tries to get his readers to understand that thought is actually the most important. It correlates being and language together because we have to think through things before we act upon them.
“What throws in projection is not man but Being itself, which sends man into the ek-sistence of Da-sein that is his essence. This destiny propriates as the clearing of Being – which it is. The clearing grants nearness to Being. In this nearness, in the clearing of the Da, man dwells as the ek-sisting one without yet being able properly to experience and take over this dwelling,” Heidegger says. We tend to dwell in between two areas, the beings and the Being. We do not realize that we are dwelling here and tend to forget things. Heidegger calls this “homelessness.” During this dwelling, we are lost to

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