Reflection Paper : Reflections And My Mental State Of A Man Who Has Not Gone Through My Life

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Reflections 8/6
From what I read, I am supposedly going to become a better person by following the guide of a man who has not gone through my life and has not borne witness to my suffering. I know that considering my background and my mental state that reading this book will only make me angry for it seems to be a mockery of myself, a teen. I am nothing like a ‘teen’ I have matured much faster than I should have and have never been in trouble or done anything that requires me to ‘straighten up.’ I feel that under my circumstances I have held poise and integrity well and don’t deserve to be degraded by a man who is generalizing in a rather insulting fashion; I may not be the most cheerful or optimistic person but my pessimistic views are realistic and my problems are real to me no matter how foolish it is to anyone else. I cannot lie and say that any life techniques I learn from this book or from any motivational paper will impact me, I am going through life and I do not need anyone telling me how to feel or cope.

Reflections 8/10
The section of the book I read today was just as pointless as the one before. I do not need to be told how to live my life or what mistakes I shouldn’t make, or how to look at myself. I have a poor self-image but I work with it, I don’t want to just ‘change’ because that isn’t me. The tips in this book aren’t beneficial to me, I don’t need to be told how to be happy or be myself, I am not a clone nor am I lab rat so I refuse to be treated as a
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