Essay on Reflection on my Experience at Yti

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My experience at Yti was good. I discovered things about myself I did not know. Our class was great when we first began. We worked together and accomplished many things such as getting money for our trip to NY, or even our project for victimology. I was always kind of shy, did not speak much so I was able to observe everyone around me. School really changed my life in many different ways, it gave me confidence. I have had many high points during my tenure at Yti, not so many low points. I believe second term was my lowest point when an instructor made me feel i was never going to make it. He did not like me, I did not like him either to be honest. I guess we were even, he always made fun of people with accent, he always made fun of …show more content…

I personally got along well with both of them, I still do. Another thing i did not like was seeing some of my classmates giving up and coming to class not wanting to learn. It was sad to see young people with all the chances in the world not taking advantage of them. So many good things happened to me during these 21 months. Receiving the president award was definitely an honor. Getting along with all my classmates was a great gratification for me. I treated everyone with respect and I left a good impression on them. When I went through my immigration issues I can attest that each one of them approched me and wished me good luck. Those things are important to me, I try to live my life with integrity and be true to myself and it was nice to know that my classmates saw that on me. This paragraph is going to be dedicated exclusively to you Mr. Henry. When I met you in third term I was not sure how things were going to work out between us. I had a bad experience in second term so I did not know what to expect from you. I knew I was going to work hard and do my best. When you cameback in fifth term and I got to know you better I was happy you were our teacher. They way you taugh us was great, it helped me a lot to understand the class. I took your advice about, reading ahead of time and let me tell you, it worked for me. If you dont believe me take a look at my grades

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