Reflections from the Yearbook Editor

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Day by day, we worked on font color, spacing, backgrounds, and more. Our job was not a simple task, for we had to work double time. The class stayed after school on Mondays and Thursdays, during a teacher work day, and on Saturdays. The reason Yearbook stayed afterschool was that we were behind because of our own ideas. The theme, Clash and Trash Wonderland, varied many times. At first, we decided to have crazy characters and words. Then, we changed it to a trail throughout wonderland. Finally, we used continuous vortexes throughout the book as if the dragon was falling through time in a dream. The book is in the Dragon’s dream when he/she (gender unknown) falls asleep in class. The Dragon is here and there meeting new students. Dragon meets friends in Student Council and gets lost in the maze. The whole yearbook gives you a sense of calm and exaggeration. The blue makes the yearbook colors flow, but the three dimensional effects make the pages unique. As I said in my first reflection, I had a feeling the theme would get too complicated. Throughout the year, Yearbook had complications, but we, as a whole, pulled through. With the stress of work piling up, we had to get everything finished. Everything included the illustrator pages, inserting names, inserting images, fonts, and more. In my best opinion, half of the class finished ahead of time, which helped in the long run. Those who finished,…
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