Reflective Essay About Suicide

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Suicide, for many this is the easiest way out of the horrific situations they face. Suicide is perceived by most unaffected by it is a egotistical and futile way to end the struggles they are going through. The thing is though, most people are unaffected by suicide and the mindset that suicide is a selfish act is dominating the world, but are they wrong? 3.7% of Americans have had suicidal thoughts (, Emory University, 09/15/17), leaving almost 96% of us without a clue as to what goes through the mind of the mentally ill. As a person who has struggled with maintaining my own mental health, I strive to be the least judgmental person when it comes to accepting those going through rough patches regarding their own mental states. Suicide, was one thing that I could never comprehend though, how can your life be that atrocious, that the only way of escape is death?
One warm summer day, this common perspective that most others and myself saw suicide as was shattered. My day was off to an awesome start, I woke early that day, and thought it would be a perfect day to go out roller skating for a few hours. So I …show more content…

It opened up my eyes to the world of mental health and how each and every one of us react and deal with situations differently. To this day Candice affects me almost more than the years of my experiences with anxiety when it comes to mental health. I plan on going into the mental health field, where I will be looking to help people struggling with their own mental health situations. The experiences I have obtained throughout my own life will better me in my career along with giving me the ability to reach into these people's lives and better them. Dealing with Candice has forever changed me, or at least who I am, I am forever grateful for meeting her and changing my perspective on some of the mentally

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