Reflective Essay On Benjamin Franklin

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Perhaps best known today for his work as a founding father, Benjamin Franklin was as an inventor, philosopher, politician, writer, and overall public figure. One of his works, that perhaps combined both his philosophical ideas and his writing talent, was one in which he attempted to make himself into a morally impeccable human. After reading the work he published regarding this pursuit, I was assigned to pick one of the thirteen moral good Franklin identified and myself try to embody one. My task was to perfect a single trait within myself, one that Franklin likewise tried to perfect. Out of Franklin’s thirteen virtues, I chose the virtue of silence to perfect within myself. Over the course of five days, I attempted to remove any excess speech from my day, making sure not to speak without purpose. Throughout this experience, I recorded every instance in which I failed my objective as well as recording my my reactions and feelings.
The first day I practiced this project was November the twenty-ninth, a Wednesday. During the first day I was relatively forgetful; I repeatedly forgot to practice my virtue. I often found myself talking without a purpose throughout the day. I also found it difficult to decipher what speech was necessary and what speech was not. During lunch I made a comment to Sophia I initially deemed necessary, but on second thought was overly drawn out and mostly unnecessary. I also made unnecessary comments during physics and AP US history. Going into

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