Reflective Essay On Literacy

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Literacy in and of itself is a form of art much like playing an instrument, the more you do it the better you will become. That is at least what my very first literacy teacher in school ever told me. I remember sitting down in my fifth grade classroom talking to my friends when our teacher Mrs. Johnson walked into the room and told us all what the class was about. And I truly believe that it was because of her and her teachings that I truly began to like literacy in the form of writing. During the year I spent in her classroom, I learned to not view writing as an assignment that has to be done, but more as an extension of oneself through words and paper. Farther into my writing career, I learned that different teachers had different expectations for writing as a whole. For example, my seventh grade writing teacher Mrs. Wahl expected us to write journals and to share those journals with the class. Another example of teachers expecting different things was my eighth grade writing teacher Mr. Tucker. He wanted us as his students write only life stories that applied to world events going on at that time. The more and more I think about my previous writing in school, I realize that all of my teachers had something in common, and that thing was that they all wanted me as a student to learn to love writing and enjoy writing. For the most part this worked really well until I got to the ninth grade. And it was in the ninth grade where writing really became a struggle for

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