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In my early childhood, I went to John Bayne Elementary a school where expressing yourself was like screaming to a soundproof window. Even though, there were a couple teachers who actually cared and didn’t come every other friday and have the smell of there brand new check coming later that day. When I was in 6th grade, my teacher Mrs. Middleton was teaching a new concept on writing, a topic i was actually really familiar about. A topic where if i would began to write all of the truth from my lips will unapologetically spill on the paper. This topic was a concept people use the very most to let anger out, to be heard and just because teachers would say we have to match each and every other word with a rhyme people would think that they are rappers. The topic i am expressing is poetry, a lauryn hill type poetry, a maya angleou type poetry. In one of my classes, after a day of just a lesson based upon different types of poems, this would be the first time i would be able to express myself on paper without anyone with a red pen who would come and scratch words off because of “grammatic error”. When all i want to say to that pen was “I ACTUALLY MEANT WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO ERASE AND FIX!” This day was free writing, words didn’t have to match unless people who wasnt really good at writing, that was a way they can help there poem go into length and meet the right stanza we had to reach. This day was the day poetry became my light in a dark place. But, this was not the day where i

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