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Writing is a key skill that I will need for success throughout my college curriculum and my life. It will help to convey my ideas to my instructor, peers, bosses, and co-workers. In my college work, it will also show my instructors that I’m learning the information provided and able to apply that knowledge appropriately. Furthermore, it will allow me to complete assignments, discussions, and reports, and I will be better equipped to effectively write basic communications when necessary. I have never been an excellent student and perennially struggled with English, math, and science growing up. These subjects would cast a pall over all my school days and school work. Anxiety would well up inside of me, which often resulted in me spread-out across my desk comatose through parts of the class. When I would return home at day’s end, I infrequently completed my homework. When I did try to complete homework, it often ended in tears of frustration or the hurling of a book across the room. Taking this class has helped to alleviate a portion of that anxiety and frustration. Before this course, trepidation engulfed me as an upcoming deadline loomed. Procrastination was my enemy, but I couldn’t jettison it. I would sit down the night before and furiously scribble everything out on my notebook paper in a rush to turn it in the next morning – a total progress writer. Instructors had exhibited the proper way to write poems, but no one had ever demonstrated how to write a paper. It

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