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I still have issues with placing my hands in the right position and remember exact signs, I feel like I’ve overcome a lot in it and have improved over the semester. So, while I’m not necessary satisfied with where I’m at, I’m satisfied with my development as a beginner. The second place for improvement was my use of signing space. At first, my signing was very small and that was reflective in my insecurities about being a beginner and not wanting to draw too much attention to my signing. This was a critique in some of my first video dialogues when I didn’t take advantage of my available signing space. I would use too little space then use too much space to where my hands would go off screen. This caused me to be more conscious about my signing space not only in video journals, but also in class and when at deaf events. I signed in a mirror in order to see how much space I was taking up and also at different distances and angles to see how it would look if I signed in different lines of sight. It made me realize this is very important! Another critique I got on a dialogue was that the lights were bright enough so the signing was a bit difficult to see. That was another thing I had to take into account. If I was trying to sign with someone in a lower light setting, it’d probably be better to move to a better lit environment in order to make sure there is accessibility to the conversation. I actually found this concept of different environments being better for signing and

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