Reflective Journal Review : 'The Wall Of Silence'

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Reflective Journal Overview In the first case presented Ilene and George have a three-year-old son named Michael. Michael has chronic ear infections and must have his tonsils and adenoids removed. The research at the time, the 1990s, indicated that removal of the tonsils was more beneficial than keeping one’s tonsils we now know that, that is not the case. Two days after Michael’s surgery his mother Ilene notices blood on Michael’s pillow. Immediately Ilene brings Michael into the doctor’s office to be further evaluated. The doctor cauterizes what he believed to be the source of the bleeding. Unfortunately, two days later Ilene notes blood in her son’s teeth shortly after he throws up blood. Ilene is in shock and after calling 911 she speeds to the hospital. While at the hospital Michael has signs of shock which is ignored. Michael’s condition continues to deteriorate with days to come. Finally, the original doctor who performed the surgeon examines Michael but he too believes Michael is fine and suggests no solid foods. Now it has been about a week since the surgery and Michael is dropped off with his sitter. Later that day the sitter calls Ilene because Michael began to throw up blood. Ilene rushes and that was the last time she saw her son alive (Gibson & Singh, 2003). Personal Feelings Immediately as I began reading The Wall of Silence I was in shock. I cannot believe how many medical errors have occurred. It is actually frightening because all the victims of medical

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