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REFLECTIVE PAPER ON HENRIETTA LACKS 2 REFLECTIVE PAPER ON HENRIETTA LACKS 4 Reflective paper on Henrietta Lacks Ann Meril Dominican College Running head: REFLECTIVE PAPER ON HENRIETTA LACKS 1 Reflective paper on Henrietta Lacks The immortal life of Henrietta lack is a very inspiring and interesting book which tells the story behind the HeLa cells. This book was written by Rebecca Skloot who got interested in HeLa cells while sitting in her biology class. The book is not just about HeLa cells, it is a great material to see the life of the HeLa cell’s donor, Henrietta Lacks, and the HeLa cells impact on modern medicine as well as the Lacks family and their life long struggles to make peace with the existence of those cells…show more content…
But these cells were taken without the consent of the donor and they gave the code name for the cells and called her HeLa. The HeLa cells were grown by so many researchers all over the world and at one point the cells started to contaminate other samples because of its enormous numbers and presence everywhere (Skloot, 2011). This insisted a group of scientist to find out the source of HeLa cells. Twenty-five years later after Henrietta’s death, scientist contacted the family and from that point the family were also sucked into the research world without their knowledge and it impacted their lives in many ways. Autonomy is the agreement to respect another’s right to self-determine a course of action such as support of independent decision making. The patient self-determination act was passed by the United states in 1990 which stated that competent people could make their wishes known regarding how they what they wanted in the end of life if they were competent or have a power of durable power of attorney who is designated to make decision on their behalf when the individual is no longer competent (American Nurses Association, 2009). Henrietta lacks died in 1951 due to cervical cancer, during that period there was no such act or policies set in place. The book states that she signed a consent before her first treatment for cancer. There was no

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