Reflective Reflection Of A Group Project

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The purpose of me writing this reflective essay is to describe my overall learning experiences from the group project that was assigned to us in class at the very beginning of the semester. I was pretty overwhelmed back then because this is not an easy assignment that can be done alone and that I have to work with someone else to ensure that our group gets to achieve the minimum target set by the lecturer. The fact that I am not a person who is very out-going and sociable terrifies me as I am going to have to work with a group of people I just met on that day. When my leader delegated tasks to each of the members, I was afraid that my team would fail to hit the target because of my clumsiness. I was assigned to keep track of the money and record the data. I have got to admit that I am not very confident with myself, and I am aware that I don’t have that kind of ability to accomplish the task that was given to me, for I am not good in dealing with money matters. …show more content…

We did not specify each of the component, but we roughly use the goal setting to get a clearer picture of what we are supposed to do and how are we going to carry out the fundraising activity. While we are having a discussion, we were stuck at the “Attainable” and “Realistic” components because some of our ideas seem attainable but not realistic and vice versa. The discussion was pretty hectic, but we managed to narrow it down to a few more reliable ideas. While using the SMART goals that had been taught in class, I realized that this not only allows us to keep track of the whole process, but we are also able to keep everything in a much more organized manner. We were able to reach our goals and thankfully we were able to accomplish the task on time as

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