Reflective Research Paper

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Reflective Research Paper

I have connected the reflective research paper to objective # 1 because it made me examine my personal belief and attitude on gender equity issues. I did not realize that gender equity existed at the level that it does until researching the topic. Doing the research made me realize that the way we teach directly affects how children learn in every aspect.

Gender inequities in the fields of math and science are well researched and the results are shocking. Women compromise 45% of the work force, they hold jobs concentrated in clerical, service, and professional fields such as teaching and nursing, rather than in mathematics, science, or engineering (Levin & Matthews, 1997). Gender inequities start in …show more content…

With girls, teachers reprimand for calling out answers, call on somebody else if they do not know the answer, give them more straight forward questions, and praise them for the appearance of their work. Teachers need to challenge girls in the same manner they challenge boys.

Language is another barrier teachers need to break in order to prevent gender bias. Language can build a wall that will deter girls from continuing their math and science education. Text and teachers often refer to a third party as “he”. When he is stated your mind automatically pictures a man. When speaking about professionals, engineers or scientists, you’re limiting professions to girls by always labeling with “he”. Something as simple as phrasing can result in a bias in the classroom.

Using role models in the classroom can provide gender-equity issues. Recently textbook publishers tried to make textbooks less gender bias by including more women. In the 1997 article, Levin and Matthews stated that even though there are chapters or boxes labeled “Famous Women Scientists,” students are still left with a fragmented world view that males are the main story and women are a sideshow, confined to a brief insert, anecdote, or biographical summary. However, if teachers can provide female role models of scientists, or engineers for the students they will be more likely to pursue a

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