Reflective Writing Self Reflection

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In this class, The Writer’s Mind, I have learned alot and have struggled a lot as well. Throughout this semester I have wrote some papers that I truly liked and a few I didn’t like at all. Therefore for this portfolio I added the ones I enjoyed and were proud of and excluded the ones I didn’t like, which for me, was the memoir. I personally didn’t like my memoir piece because I thought it was unorganized and didn’t stay on topic, unlike the other pieces I have chosen to include. On the other hand my favorite piece was the multi- genre. This was my favorite piece because I felt as if I was at a writers blank and couldn’t think of anything and then one day the idea came to me and I ran with it. I believe that I successfully used core value one in this piece, “Writing Arts students will demonstrate understanding of a variety of genre conventions and exhibit rhetorical adaptability in applying those conventions.”. In my multi-genre piece I used multiple different genres such as multiple journal entry, text messages, first person point of view and incorporating a newspaper headline. I chose these genres because I felt as if they really fit with my story, each of these genres were able to bring the reader deeper into my piece. A took the advice of my professor to bold the newspaper article headline to give more urgency to the headline and to show its importance. Another thing I incorporated in this piece is that every journal entry I wrote I incorporated a date tag, which shows

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