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–Reflective essay– As part of my Business Innovation Development Project Unit, I had the opportunity to put myself into group with my friends or people I believed I could work well with. In the first stages of our group we all tried to get to know each other more through analysing personality and learning types’ test that we previously undertook. I realise we were going through the normal stages of the team formation in particular forming and norming (Tuckman, 1965). In my assignment group we had all Belbin team roles which helped us perform well throughout our project and also helped us to identify other team members’ behavioural strengths and weaknesses. During the initial stages of the group getting together I believed it was …show more content…

Unfortunately there was a second thing I did not like, which was that one of our team members decided to drop out of the course in the middle of our project which made us change some of our workload responsibilities. However looking back, I believe that was the right choice for her at that time which I cannot change. My assignment group was very fortunate as we didn’t face any conflicts within our group. However I am aware that there could have been many different types of conflicts such as; different personality issue, different point of views or some people just don’t get along which leads to dysfunctional conflict (Huczynski & Buchanan, 2007), this can of course affect the productivity of a team or individual. I now realised that we all focused on everyone’s feelings of how fairly they were treated (Adams’ Equity theory) within the team. It is necessary, I believe, to make everyone treated equally, respected and to feel part of the team because in my opinion that makes a strong relationship between the team members and it avoids conflicts. Overall if I reflect back on our group work I believe we worked very well as a team and my contribution to the group was significantly high because I had an aim in my mind which I focused on until the end. As I worked the extra mile for our project, it resulted that it gave us, as a team, a bit more time in preparation for our presentation and finalizing the app which was crucial at that time for us. This experience has allowed me

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