Refuge Trilogy Book One Essay

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Refuge Trilogy Book 1 Refuge Prologue "The reports have been coming in for a few days. The cure is being given for free. For free to thousands in every major city in America on June 10th. People across America are asking what is the cure? I have said this before, but I will say it again, 'Only the government knows what the cure its. They are being very hush hush about it. If I knew what the cure was I would tell you.' The president said this a few days ago, 'I can't tell you what the cure is. All I can tell you is this, the cure is the answer to any problem you may have.' People across America are scared. They worry that the cure is some kind of virus the government will use to get rid of the weak. Would the government really do that?" …show more content…

I once was a beautiful young woman with wavy hair as black as the night sky, dark green eyes, a constant smile, and an hourglass body. It didn't matter what I wore because I could make anything look beautiful. I always hear, 'Time heals all wounds.' Time must have forgotten about me. I wish time would heal the wound known as my body. It has been years since I felt beautiful. My mom always complains about me. Everything about me must always be changed that way I fit into the false image she has of a perfect daughter. I wear contacts even when I sleep because my eyes are too dark according to my mom. I must sew everything I want to wear, yet orur must be approved by mom because she is the only one smart enough to decide what I wear. My natural hair color is black as night so mom forces me to dye it twice a day. My mom doesn't want me to go to school so she teaches me everything I need to know at home. I an almost never allowed to leave home. When I an allowed to leave mom watches me like a hawk. Nothing is ever good enough for mom. I an sick of conforming to her strict rules and trying to be what she dreams I will be. Mom wants me to be perfect because of Dad. Dad divorced mom when I was 9. Dad wanted custody over my sister and I that easy we wouldn't have to split up. Mom fight to keep me. The evil people at the state let her keep me. Mom began to change everything about me after the divorce. Mom said that she would make

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