Regeneration By Philip Montgomery

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#Regeneration is documentary by Phillip Montgomery and it explains and argues on how Americans particularly the youth have become less apathetic about the global issues and presents reasons why these attitudes and a lack of motivation for change exist. First, a majority if not all of us care or should care about the global issues such as global warming, global war, poverty, education, healthcare, climate change etc.…but we find ourselves being ignorant or disengaged because of time and money. In regards, to this there is a reliance on the government to fix all these problems, but in reality it’s the people that should unite and make the difference however, it might come down to how motivated they want to see a change. Equally important, the media units and technology has shifted our attention from important issues and encourages us to spend more and which therefore would increase our self- esteem and self- actualization to the point where we become oblivious that we are being selfish and completely ignore other people’s security. This film does somewhat represent my generation, but not accurately because young adults especially college students have the knowledge of the world issues, and are less naïve to fall for the …show more content…

On the other hand, from personal experience many college students would be in agreement that the government needs to do something about student loans. If the government would give student grants instead on spending them on military arsenal, then students would have more freedom once they graduate because being in debt would hold them back and that’s what capitalism agenda is. Additionally, if the government would invest in something that will help our future generations grow and excel then we will have our

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