Regionalism In American Literature

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A resurgence of regionalism in American literature occurred in the mid twentieth century. Around this time, the United States was just coming out of the Great Depression and entering World War Two. The “Return to Regionalism” movement was inspired by the original regionalism authors, such as Mark Twain, from the mid to late nineteenth century. The return to regionalism movement was characterized by the focus on certain regions of the United States of America. The Great Depression affected millions of Americans. In 1933 almost half of the 25,000 United States banks had failed, and by 1932 “unemployment had risen to between 12 and 15 million workers, or 25-30 percent of the work force.” (“About the Great Depression” 1) Because of the amount of human suffering, the Great Depression significantly impacted the literature of the time. Writers were engrossed with the way people seemed to stay hopeful and strong while they were faced with innumerable challenges. It “encouraged a revival of regionalism in literature. Some writers saw the values of ordinary people in the United States as a source of strength in hard times.” (857) Moreover, The person most credited with helping America get out of the Great Depression is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States. He served as the president for four terms, from 1933 to 1945. (“Franklin D. Roosevelt” 1) Roosevelt was most famously know for the New Deal, a program that helped lift America out of the depression.

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