Regulate Or Not To Regulate Essay

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To Regulate or Not to Regulate. Chronic health issues, such as obesity and diabetes, are becoming a global concern. Most of these health issues arise during adulthood, but are developed during childhood based on consumption habits. The portion sizes of junk food should be restricted. Portions should be modified and in some cases be removed. The food industry has increased sizes of their products and ultimately changed the default option we are used to. With limitation of portion sizes comes a debate on whether it is okay for the government to regulate, or not. Many claim it should be a choice on the part of the individual. The thing is that most people lack self control and can’t rely on their will because some many options are available and the urge is hard to resist. It is quite difficult to resist the urge to get the better deal that is why people typically get bigger sizes. Even I fall into the temptation and get a large bag because I like to be efficient about how I spend my money. A few times when I had gone grocery shopping at Ralph’s I noticed that a smaller portion of a product was more expensive than the bigger sized package. So I instinctively purchased the bigger portion to save money. With this mentality, companies obtain a higher profit as people spend more money on the product in …show more content…

He also claims that if left alone to be a personal responsibility there is no doubt that obesity rates will continue to increase. The principle issue would be that the products that are easily accessible and require minimal effort are typically full of sugar and fat, coming in excessive amounts. As a consequence, an environment with high percentage of obesity has been created. The problem is that many people have taken a liking to this environment, and although they desire to be at a healthy weight they simply lack the will to change their

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