Rehabilitation Essay

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Proper rehabilitation is essential to the individual growth and development of the incarcerated, as it provides the basic foundation of a healthy individual. Each rehabilitation program needs to have different categories built specifically for each inmate to ensure that chance of the program and inmate’s success. Firstly, drug and alcohol rehabilitations are vital to any addict including those in the prison systems. Without the help necessary, inmates will continue to make destructive choices by returning back to their normal ways in the abuse of these substances. Secondly, educational rehabilitation needs to be a necessity in prisons as it drastically increases not only a prisoner’s well being, but also that of their families. Finally, all …show more content…

The purpose of psychology is to observe, control and predict behaviors. By observing and working with inmates, psychologists have the abilities to not only diagnose and treat psychological disorders, but they are also able to help a troubled person learn more about themselves, the reasoning behind their actions, as well as how to control and prevent themselves from making harmful decisions again. One in four persons suffers from a personality or psychological disorder and current statistics show that 73 percent of women and 55 percent of men in state penitentiaries have some sort of psychological disorder. This is incredibly problematic as psychological disorders have the abilities to control one’s life and by influencing their decisions in a negative way. Currently, only one in six, or 16 percent of inmates who have a known mental health problem have received treatment since admission. This statistic does not represent those with undiagnosed mental illnesses, implying that the incarceration systems are not putting their best efforts into the mental well-being of their inmates. Mental health is vital to every person, as actions and choices are influenced by their psychological health. Those with undiagnosed or untreated bipolar disorder may commit a crime that they did not intend to do. If treated, this person is more likely to enter back into society controlled and stable enough to be a functioning member of society. By receiving proper psychological rehabilitation, prisoners are more likely to be able to grow and prosper in society rather than dwindle back down the path they previously

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