Relating Chemical Systems and Equilibrium to Technology, Society, and Environmental

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Relating Chemical Systems and Equilibrium to Technology, Society, and the Environment

An increase in average global temperature/an increase in extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes and tornadoes
Is the carbon cycle involved?
Recent scientific evidence indicates that humans have upset the carbon cycle, leaving more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Burning fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas, burning biomass such as ethanol and wood, creating cement and releasing other chemicals into the atmosphere is upsetting the natural flow of carbon.
Greenhouse gases in our atmosphere act almost like a blanket between the earth and frigid space. At lower levels, greenhouse gases trap some heat in our atmosphere …show more content…

Some of the most obvious changes are happening in the Arctic, where the amount of ice in the ocean has decreased dramatically. Some signs of climate change include: higher temperatures, more droughts, wilder weather melting glaciers, warmer oceans etc.

What are some possible causes of this shift?
The main reason the climate is changing is because people are adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. The most important greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, which is released whenever people burn fossil fuels to do everyday activities like driving cars, heating buildings, and making electricity. As greenhouse gases build up in the atmosphere, they cause the Earth to trap extra heat, making the planet warmer.
What are some possible consequences?
Temperature plays an important role in how nature works, and even a small change in average temperature can have a noticeable impact on plants, animals, and other natural processes. For example, just a one- to two-degree increase in global temperature can lead to a much greater risk of wildfires. Some parts of the world are warming a lot more than average, which means the effects are much more dramatic.
A loss of plant and animal species, both by observable causes and by unknown causes
Is the carbon cycle involved?
The carbon cycle involves trees absorbing carbon dioxide and emitting

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