Relational Inquiry Approach

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hese studies highlighted the importance of Relational Inquiry approach as a guide to develop effective teaching and learning pedagogies and Relational Inquiry can serve as an important educational tool. However, these studies provide little evidence of the use of Relational Inquiry approach in nursing practice, moreover, whether nursing students are able to adopt this approach for their clinical practice. Given that the Relational Inquiry approach is useful for guiding nursing practice and advancing student learning, it is important to explore the Relational Inquiry nursing capacities: compassion, competence, commitment, correspondence, and curiosity in educational based research. The five relational capacities: compassion, self-compassion, competence, commitment, curiosity and correspondence are essential for enabling nursing students to critically assess any given clinical situation, examine factors influencing the situation, and discern their …show more content…

The RICS consists of 73 items ranked on Likert Scale from 1 to 6 (1= Strongly Disagree, 2= Disagree, 3= Slightly Disagree, 4= Slightly Agree, 5= Agree, 6= Strongly Agree). This scale was developed based on a nursing theory the Relational Inquiry approach, in-depth literature review of the exiting scales measuring the extant variables, and expert consultations. The total score for each subscale is: compassion (96), self-compassion (78), competence (96), commitment (60), curiosity, (54) and correspondence (54). The higher score indicates high level of the capacities. The total score for the Relational Capacities will be determined by adding the individual scores of each subscale. In this hospital there are more than 400 nurses working at the moment, the required sample size for this study is above 200 nurses to full fill the requirement of this

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