Relationship Between Congress And Congress

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Political Science 2

Since the time of the framing of the United States Constitution, the belief of the rapid growth of the President’s power is undisputable and the extent of this growth has been commonly misinterpreted and underestimated. For example, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, James Madison, supported and promoted the creation of a bicameral legislature because he strongly believed that the legislature was the strongest and most powerful branch in government. Bicameral legislature forced Congress to be divided into two separate branches in the hopes that it would not overpower or overwhelm the remaining branches; respectively, in order for it to not be undermined in its disputes and disagreements by the legislative …show more content…

According to the Constitution, Congress is primarily in charge of representation and lawmaking. Congress is divided into the House and the Senate, and therefore, although members of the House and the Senate serve and represent their own states and districts, they need to “act collectively to make laws for the entire nation” (Smith, 26). In terms of politics, collective action requires bargaining and compromise between the House and the Senate and between Congress and the President. Issues on collective action tend to appear when there is no compromise between the two groups; in order for compromise to become possible, members of a group must withdraw some of their devotions and fidelities to their respective state or district. Members of Congress, specifically members of the House and Senate are envisioned to be representatives of their constituents; however, this envisionment of being representatives does not correctly depict the role of House and Senate members. Although it may seem like a representative in Congress has the main role of present the views of his or her district, or serve as a delegate of his or her constituents, delegates do not have an easy job because their constituents usually have contradictory views and beliefs regarding issues with

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